Upper-intermediate grammar exercise: unless, in case of, in case, as long as

English grammar practice exercise, upper-intermediate.

In this exercise you will practise as long as, in case of, in case and unless.

Fill the gap in each sentence with as long as, in case of, in case or unless.

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In case
We use in case to express that we are doing something in preparation for something which might happen. Take an umbrella in case it rains!
I'll buy some more wine in case this bottle is not enough.
In case of
We use in case of to say what we should do if or when something happens. In case of fire, leave the building as quickly as possible.
(= ‘If there is a fire, leave the building.’)
As long as
We use as long as to express a condition, i.e. to say that something will happen only on condition that something else happens. I'll lend you the book as long as you promise to give me it back next week.
(= If you don't promise to give the book back next week, I will not lend you it.)
As long as expresses that one thing depends on another. You can go to the party as long as you come back before midnight.
(= You can go to the party, but you must promise to be back before midnight.)
As long as has the same meaning as providing or provided. You can go to the party providing / provided you come back before midnight.

We're going skiing next week providing / provided there's enough snow.
Unless expresses a condition.

We use unless to say that a particular action or situation will occur only if another specified action happens earlier.
You won't get the job unless you prepare for the interview.
(= You will get the job only if you prepare for the interview.)

Don't do it unless he tells you to.
(= Do it only if he tells you to do it.)
We don’t use will after unless. I won’t go to the party unless she invites me.
I won’t go unless she will invite me.

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