Business vocabulary exercise: correspondence verbs (attach, reply, forward, enclose) ex. 2

Business English vocabulary exercise, intermediate level.

This is the second practice exercise for attach, reply, forward, enclose. You can see exercise 1 here.

1. Study the vocabulary, including ‘how to use’ and the example sentences.
2. Do the exercise below and check your answers.



verb to join one thing to another; to add a file to an email
how to use attach something, attach something to something
countable noun: an attachment
adjective: attached
examples 1. I’ve attached a copy of the contract.
2. A copy of the invoice is attached.
3. Please attach a recent photograph to your application form.



verb to put something inside an envelope with a letter
how to use enclose something, a price list, a copy of another letter
countable noun: an enclosure
examples 1. I am enclosing our latest price list.
2. Our price list is enclosed.



verb to write back to someone who has written to you
how to use reply to a letter/invitation/advertisement
countable noun: a reply
examples 1. They haven’t replied to our invitation so I assume they are not coming.
2. I wrote to him three weeks ago but he hasn’t replied yet.
3.Thank you for your quick reply.



verb to pass on a letter or message to someone else
how to use forward something, a letter/an email/ a message to someone
forward someone something, a letter/an email/ a message
examples 1. Don’t worry: we will forward all your letters to your new address.
2. I am forwarding you a copy of his email.

Now complete the following using attach, reply, forward or enclose in its correct form:

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